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Share your love for books with a post or organise a meet-up to network or connect with fellow book lovers!


1. What is Vevivo?


Vevivo is a social networking app where users can meet other users with common interests and passions. A user can create a meet-up he/she is interested in and let other

users join and vice versa.

2. How can I use Vevivo?

  1. Create an account or sign up with Facebook or Google.

  2. Create your profile:

  3. Upload a profile picture.

  4. Write a short bio about yourself.

  5. Choose what interests you are interested in.

  6. Choose the maximum distance you are interested in, as it will filter the meet-ups you can view in the feed.

3. How do I create a meet-up?

  1. Select the “plus” icon at the bottom center of your navigation bar.

  2. Select the meet-up type such as bowling, cinema etc.

  3. Write a title for your meet-up and a small description.

  4. Choose the location of your meet-up, as well as the date and time.

  5. Choose for how many people this meet-up is.

  6. Choose what genders you want to include this meet-up.

  7. After you are done press “Let’s do it” to publish your meet-up.

  8. You can approve or decline a user who has shown interest in your meet-up from the notifications page.

4. How do I join a meet-up?

  1. Based on your preferences, you will see relevant meet-ups in your feed.

  2. Find a meet-up you are interested in from your feed.

  3. Click the “Let's do it” button so that the host user can be notified of your interest.

  4. When the host accepts your request you should receive a notification and also view it in your meet-ups tab in your profile page.

5. Can I use Vevivo anywhere around the world?

Vevivo is currently Beta tested in Cyprus and Greece. We shall be rolling it out internationally soon enough in which case you can be notified of new locations where you could use it.

6. Can I search for a specific person?

No, you cannot search for a specific person, but you can find all of your friends at the conversation page.

7. What is the minimum age requirement?

The minimum age requirement to use Vevivo is 18 years-old. Age limitation might change based on the legal requirements of the country where you are using it.

8. Can I use profanity? Can I use explicit language? Can I curse?


No, we do not approve the usage of profanity of any sort within the app.


9. Can I upload nude or topless pictures?


No, you can't upload topless or nude pictures, nor any pictures that contain graphic content.


10. I can't login.

If you are having trouble logging in to your Vevivo account double check that you are using the correct email address and password. If your password is not working, try the option "forgot my password" in the log-in screen and complete the steps to reset your password. If the problem persists, please contact customer support.

11. My account was banned.

If your account was banned it is because you have violated our terms and conditions, and after a review of these breaches it was deemed as an appropriate action. If you have further questions, please contact customer support.

12. How do I change the email address associated with my account?


You can't change the email address associated with your account, but you can create a new account with your new email address.


13. I don't see any requests in my feed.


If you don't see any requests in your feed it means that there aren't any users in your area based on your search parameters. Try expanding your search parameters to have more users and requests in your feed. Also make sure that you have selected at least three interests. If that doesn't work, then it means there aren't any Vevivo users in

your area.

14. What is a request?

A meet-up is the main tool you will use in Vevivo to find other users. You can create a meet-up based on your interests. You can create a meet-up by clicking on the plus button at the bottom of your screen and filling up the required fields.

15. What is the feed and where can I find it?

The feed is where all the requests are shown, and you can find it by clicking on the feed icon on the bottom left of your screen or through the menu by clicking on the menu button.

16. How do I send a message?

In order to send a message to another user you have to be friends and the only way to do so is by accepting a request from that user. After you make a friend, you can message them from the chat page. 

17. How do I edit my profile?

To edit your profile, you go to settings and click on "edit profile". You can change your profile picture and upload or delete other pictures. You can edit your bio and your search settings as well.

18. How do I delete my account?

To delete your account, you go to settings, select to edit your profile and select delete my account.

19. Can I add music to my profile?

Unfortunately, you cannot add music to your profile yet, but it is a feature our techies are working on.

20. How can I change my search preferences?

Go to Settings, select Account and scroll down until you find the options to adjust the age, gender and distance from the users you are looking for.

21. Is there a verification badge?

There is no verification badge yet.

22. Can I delete a message conversation?

You can delete the content of a conversation by selecting and swiping to the left the conversation. You can then select if you want to delete the content of the conversation or you can choose to unfriend the user.

23. How do I friend people? How to unfriend them?

You can friend a user by accepting a request for an activity either made by you or by another user. Once you are matched together for that activity you will be friends. You can view your friends from your profile page and can unfriend them by clicking on their profile and selecting unfriend.

24. How can I invite more people?

To invite more users for an activity, choose the option to do so when creating a request. You can invite more users through the request before you publish it, as you cannot edit the request after it is published.

25. How can I choose when to do a meet-up?

While you are creating a request, you will have the option to choose the time and date that you want to do your meet-up.

26. How can I cancel a meet-up I made?

To cancel a request, follow the steps below:

1. Go to your Profile page.

2. Select the request you want to cancel.

3. Click on "cancel" request.

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