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  • Andreas Koumoudis

Catching up with our Founder before Xmas Holidays

Updated: Dec 19, 2023

Hi everyone 👋

I'm thrilled to finally be here with you today! 😎🎉 I started this journey with a vision of fostering meaningful connections and helping people to pursue their shared interests with like-minded people. This has been our core mission from the outset, but as the competitive landscape evolves, our vision must adapt to ensure our continued success. I wanted to take this opportunity and talk more about Vevivo and how we plan to deliver value to the three pillars that underpin our platform: userscommunitiesbusinesses & advertisers.

Vevivo 1-Liner

Zuckerberg & Meta want to create an online space that traps you in the digital world. Vevivo is creating an online space that helps you get back in the real world. (Vevivo roughly translates from Spanish to "Go Live" btw).

Vevivo for Users

We spend way too much time on social media and we don't really get something out of it. At least nothing substantial, except for short-term dopamine hits. Rather than view random pictures and videos I believe that your time is best used doing something else. This is where Vevivo comes in. We are not a traditional social media & networking platform. Vevivo is an engine for your social life and our goal is to help users reach "max speed".

Your social life in 1 page

Over the years we heard about how social media can be addictive and harmful, especially with their infinite scrolling. I've been there myself with YouTube shorts 😅. So how can we be different? How can we provide relevant content to the user and encourage them to have an active social life without zombifying them? One part of the solution is our Social Dashboard. We centralised all the important functions, specifically related to meet-ups for now, so that the user can have a more fulfiling social life by just opening the app. There's a lot more to it, so stay tuned.

Your & Your Friends

Apart from meeting new people, we want Vevivo to be a tool that's used by people who aren't interested in making new connections. We want to create a flexible and diverse platform that caters to the social needs of our users, no matter at what speed their social engine is running. Some are looking to make new friends, others want to pursue a new interest that their friends might not interested in, or they have all the friends they want and want to organise them and find fun things to do.

Right now you can download Vevivo, create a free account, create a private group and invite your friends. You can share pictures, discussions but most importantly you can create and share meet-ups. We also provide users with suggestions for creating meet-ups based on their interests. You will never have to ask your friends again "Are we doing anything this Friday? When are we going out? What time is it? Who is coming btw?". And there's so much more to come folks!

Vevivo for Communities

I joined a Discord server for a video game I play (Destiny 2) so I could find other people to do dungeons and raids with. After 1 hour of joining, I muted the server because the spammy messages were too much and in the end I didn't find people to play with 😫. So many communities are having the same problem, they are losing so many of their new members within the first 6 months of joining (around 50%). So how can Vevivo help out?

What if you can create your community the way you want to? With features & functions that are important to your community & interest specifically? I can't give you a lot of info just yet, but if you have a community and you are interested in becoming an early adopter book a meeting with me; I don't bite too hard 😈. We will be releasing more information very soon...

Vevivo for Vendors, Businesses & Advertisers

I can't reveal a lot of information about this part just yet, but I would like to talk about our overall vision. I hate traditional ads on social media. Everyone hates them and that's why they install all kinds of ad blockers. Companies have to spend a lot of time, resources, and manpower to create a good social media presence and advertisements for their products and services. If you are a restaurant owner, you want people to come to your restaurant and dine. Sure you made a nice video on TikTok that got a lot of views, but you didn't see an increase in people coming to your business regularly. What if you could advertise in a way that provides value to the customer and the business? Why is every advertising platform keyword-based and depends on views rather on other KPIs? Why do you need a university degree to set up Google Ads? We will revisit this chapter very soon. 🤫

The Road Ahead: 2024 is our year!

I started Vevivo in 2018, during my senior year as a journalist at the University of Sheffield. After years of development and testing, I believe that 2024 will be our year. In the following months, we will be focused on developing more Hub features for communities and we hope to see you at our launch party in March so stay tuned!

(you probably found some mistakes while reading this post. That's not because I'm lazy and I didn't read it through. No! I wanted to give you the full story raw and unfiltered 🫠)

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