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  • Andreas Koumoudis

Get rid of your mental blocks and start working out!

Updated: 4 days ago

Do you want to get fit but an invisible force is stopping you? Let’s find out what is going on in that brain of yours.

Man and woman working out together in a gym

Everybody wants to have a lean shape, a body that you can look in the mirror for more than five seconds, but above all a body that you feel comfortable in. There are plenty of widespread methods, some more productive than others, but there is one method that will always guarantee results and that is exercising. You can jog for a couple of hours per day along with some exercises at home, or you can take it to the next level and go to the gym, but it is often more difficult heading out to the gym rather than working out.

Ask yourself first why you want to go to the gym in the first place, because once you make your intentions clear to yourself only then you will be able to motivate yourself towards that task. There are plenty of reasons why would you want a better body, for health reasons, to raise your self-esteem, lose those annoying pounds, fit in your clothes etc, but whatever your reasons might be you have to stick to them because if you forget about them then you won’t have that motivation which puts you through the doors of the gym.

But even before you head out to the gym and pay up that premium gym membership the gym people shove down your throat, you reach another mind barrier when you realise what kind of people “hang out” at the gym. You immediately visualise an army of buff people sweating over the machines while you are chilling on the couch with your sweatpants killing it on Warzone.

You might think that you don’t belong in that environment and you might be right but that shouldn’t matter, they don’t matter because you are not going there to impress them, you want to go there to impress yourself, to better yourself because if you don’t care about your well being then no one else will do that for you.

Perhaps this type of motivation isn’t enough to get you there, not at first, and that’s perfectly normal because you are not just going to the gym, you are changing your lifestyle and yourself. So maybe you need a different type of motivation, a gym partner like yourself, who is in the same position as you are, someone with whom you feel comfortable going through this life-changing experience.

Having a good partner who will push you to get out of the house when you just can’t be bothered, maybe even guilt-tripping you to go with him, and vice versa.



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