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  • Andreas Koumoudis

The top 3 benefits of having a study partner & how to find one right now!

From late nights at the library to casual study sessions at your dorm, having a study partner might be that extra push you need to finish that assignment.

people studying together in a library session with a book and a laptop

Studying has never been my favourite activity, but it is a necessary one, especially if you want those long hours of group projects, lectures, exams and essays to mean something in the end; get that very expensive piece of paper that says, “congrats you are now worth something”. From my experience, I have been used to studying on my own but whenever I had a study partner, I found the experience to be more rewarding and fun.

It’s a good excuse to get out of your PJs

Whenever my friend would come over for a study session, it was a good excuse for me to get out of bed and dress like a normal human being. As tempting as it might be to stay in bed and be left alone in your pjs, having someone over to study with you is as good as an excuse as any to clean yourself up, tidy up your tiny place and force those productivity vibes to come out.

In my case, I would clean up the acceptable mess for a university student, we would put on some light music in the background and work on our projects to the point where we would both look at our computer screens like zombies.

Free feedback

Having a good study partner can be a bonding experience as you both gain a deeper understanding towards one another. If you are “locked” in a room with someone for hours and hours you are bound to learn a great deal about each other which will help you in your work as well.

From my experiences, my study partner and I had similar convictions about the world, society and journalism, but we also had different perspectives on the topics we were working on and in many cases I would change entire paragraphs of my essays because his thoughts helped me better understand what I was writing about, and vice-versa.

In terms of results, if you are both studying the same subject then it is abundantly clear that two heads are better than one, except if you are both on the same level and want someone more advanced than you. As an international student, I found it difficult understanding some assignments or material we were going through in class during the early days, and my study partner helped me a lot in understanding the topics better.

If you are looking for a study partner why not download Vevivo and create a studying activity? You can find people to arrange a group study session at the library, or a study partner session at a cafe. With Vevivo you have the power.

One for all and all for one

For a long time, I avoided going to study at the library because I always felt paranoid leaving my precious stuff out in the open either if I had to go to the bathroom or out for a quick cigarette break; my greatest fear was having my laptop stolen. Having someone with you at the library lifts those concerns away, but my study partner helped me survive those long and late-night hours through his support and knowing that I’m not the only one who’s being tortured by uni work.

However, the best part of having a study partner is the indirect pressure to focus and not slack off. There is a feeling of righteous shame when your partner is slaving over an essay and he turns to and sees that you are giggling over a TikTok video. That indirect pressure can help you to stay on topic and push through the next essay section.

The other possible scenario is that you both start giggling over that TikTok video, then start going down the TikTok rabbit hole and you don't do any work. 😅


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