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  • Michalis Krystallis

What are Vevivo Hubs? And how do Hubs work in Vevivo?

What are Vevivo Hubs? And how do Hubs work in Vevivo?

In Vevivo we use the term "Hub" instead of meet-up groups to join a community that was built for the same interest. A Hub also allows its coordinators to manage the community better. Although you are already free to join any meet-ups in Vevivo, joining a specific Hub allows you to narrow down your search as well as allow the app to suggest more relevant content to you.

Is a Vevivo Hub free?  Y E S ✨ Join as many as you like! 

Is a Hub worth joining? Let me ask you a question... are you tired of being trapped at home doom-scrolling? Are you looking to have a fulfilling social life? Do you want to vibe with like-minded people and geek out about the same things as you? Are you looking for an awesome adventure? Then absolutely!👌

Vevivo was made to push boundaries for the better🔥

We understand the challenge of finding a community where you truly belong (trust me, we've been there), and we're excited to guide you closer to finding your people. While we don't aim to replace your social media usage, our goal is to offer something unique – a platform that enriches your online usage while also encouraging you to explore offline ventures into the real world.

Don't miss out on all the fun and download Vevivo 🚀

We hope you enjoy and we will see you soon in our hubs! Best, Vevivo ❤



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